Leg Thinks Obama Noseblowing Lacked Conviction, Focus


Chris Matthews Leg was unmoved today when Obami Wan Kenobi stopped in the middle of a Dallas speech today to blow his nose, even though the move was clearly a big hit with the largely pre-mesmerized-for-your-convenience crowd.

The Leg felt the impromptu nasal evacuation appeared tentative and timid—sort of the sinusorial equivalent of voting “present” on a controversial piece of legislation.

The excitable extremity had a more robust reaction to the news that Mike Huckabee’s wife was in Las Vegas to catch a prize fight featuring an Arkansas boxer and, because of a scheduling change, the pastor’s wife ended up staying at the Hooters Casino Hotel.

Simply hearing the words Las Vegas, fight, and Hooters in the same sentence sent a thrill running up Matthews’ leg to roughly knee level.



  1. I cannot stop laughing. This post, and your site, are some of the funniest things to come out of this election cycle. Keep up the great work because God knows [the real one, not Obama] that we all could use a good laugh right now……

  2. The Oracle of the Leg thanks you for your kind words. Do check back often!

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