Leg Bummed to Discover “Righteous Wind” at its Back is Just Olbermann Being Gross

Oh, the tingles and thrills Chris Matthews’ Leg has been feeling in recent days as it has seemed increasingly likely that a majority of Americans were actually about to take a flyer on a community organizer with poor taste in friends and even worse taste in preachers-and in volatile, dangerous times, no less.

For a few minutes the other day, The Leg even thought it was feeling that righteous wind spoken of by “He Who Will Punish the Productive Through Wealth Spread-age.”

Unfortunately, the warm breeze just turned out to be Olbermann being juvenile (what’s new) after gorging himself on spicy tapas at Bobby Flay’s “Bolo” over on East 22nd. Giggling and giddy, the Countdown host proudly declared his productivity, “Worst Gas in the World.”

The Leg was not inclined to dispute that designation.


Tingly Leg Syndrome Infects Son of William F. Buckley

Chris Matthews Leg is thrilled to welcome to the Club of the Mesmerized novelist Christopher Buckley.

As The Leg knows well, there are many paths to enlightenment about “The One.” The Leg isn’t quite sure how a smart guy like Buckley, who claims to prize small government and conservative/libertarian principles, gets up that hill, but it’s totally stoked about it.

Not everyone is as tingly about Buckely’s awakening: Check out The Childlike Faith of Christopher Buckley.

CM’s Leg “Ecstatic” to be Part of America’s First Media Coup D’Etat

Chris Matthew’s Leg was partying with Barney Frank’s Tie and the dry, shriveled husk of Keith Olbermann’s sense of shame last night after the Palin-Biden debate.

Why a celebration – even after Sarah Palin clearly failed to live down to the caricature the MSM had furiously been painting for weeks ? Because it didn’t matter.

Chris’s Tingle Spot, Keith’s shame void, Barney’s poor, over-strained collar button . . .  they all know that the fix is in. And baby it feels good.

“It’s very exciting,” The Leg gushed. “We’re making history here. We, the members of the National Press Club, the Screen Actors Guild, and a few honorary members like Oprah and Soros, are going to install a President of the United States because, clearly, the American people can’t be trusted to pick one on their own.”

“We’re totally unified this time,” Olby’s soul-shaped vacuum chimed in. “It’s very cool to be a part of something bigger than my . . . well, almost bigger than myself. This is what it must have been like to be a campus radical in the ’60s . . .except we’re all rich and powerful and pretty.”

“And we bath,” The Leg Chimed in. “Well, most of us,” The Leg said jerking a toe over in the direction of Barney Frank’s neck.

“Right now we control everything but Talk Radio. And we’ll be shutting that nuisance down shortly after the election,” it said catching a high five from Olbermann’s shame void and shouting “Fairness Doctrine, baby!”

“Are we about to swing a close election via a complete abandonment of all pretense of objectivity?” The Leg asks. “Heck yeah. And if you don’t like it, then you must be a racist.”