Post Democrat Debate, CM Leg “Denounces” Russert. Head “Rejects” Second Green Room Muffin.

Chris Matthews’ Leg got one of those wicked calf cramps midway through the Democratic debate in Ohio tonight. You know, the kind where it feels like your calf muscle has flipped over on its back and it hurts like a mother.

The tension came from the blatant way Russert was ganging up on Hillary with gotcha questions and then would fall into some sort of semi-catatonic state whenever he looked into OSwami’s eyes. The Leg’s no Hillary fan but it thought it was embarrassing.

Afterwards in the Green Room, tempers on the NBC/MSNBC panel flared resulting in CM’s Head denouncing Russert and Russert rejecting the denunciation. After a cooling off period CM renounced his previous denunciation, but Russert denounced the renunciation on the grounds that CM is pasty and runs like a girl.

Michelle Malkin, (the focus of a secret crush by The Leg) live blogged the debate and conducted the official “cackle count.”