Leg Blames Failure of Bailout Bill on Barney Frank’s Inability to Tie a Proper Necktie

Nice cravat.

Nice cravat.

While many observers attributed the stunning failure of the House measure designed to shore up tottering credit markets on Nancy Pelosi’s partisan primal scream immediately before the vote–Chris Matthews Leg floated an alternative theory.

The sensitive appendage believes it has traced the waves of negative energy that permeated the House chambers today to their source–a point about four inches south of one the Massachusetts congressman’s chins. “What the deuce is going on with that tie?” the Leg asked with a mixture of fear and revulsion. “Is that a single Windsor . . . a four-in-hand . . . I can’t tell, but it’s just wrong.”

The Leg wondered out loud if there might be less tension between the parties on this issue if there wasn’t so much tension on Frank’s top collar button.

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