Chris Matthews’ Head calls Hillary “The Al Sharpton of white people.” The Leg Calls Chris, “the Jar Jar Binks of real people.”

The Chris Matthews of PoliticiansThe Hillary Clinton of Media Whores

The Leg cramped up a little the other night when The Head got worked up and referred to Hillary Clinton as “the Al Sharpton of white people.”

This prompted the snappy rejoinder from The Leg about Chris’s favorite Star Wars character during a commercial break; and further devolved into name calling after Chris called The Leg “the Alf Landon of body parts.”

A chair-throwing melee broke out when The Leg accused Keith Olbermann of being “the Keith Olbermann of Keith Olbermanns.”

The Al Sharpton of Movie DesecratorsThe \The Keith Olbermann of Keith Olbermanns

CM Leg Nonplussed by Obama Victory Speech


Chris Matthews’ Leg experienced a fleeting tingle of anticipation when network coverage cut away in the middle off Hillary’s unconcession-y concession speech last night in order to carry the Dali Obama’s victory address to a large and rowdy crowd in Houston, Texas.  Chris Matthews’ Leg failed to react thereafter, however. 

The Leg later complained that Obama tried to get all policy-y and specific which it described as “a total curve ball” and “a little off-putting.” 

“Where are the meaningless platitudes and sappy bromides?,” The Leg was overheard complaining to the void where Keith Olbermann’s soul used to be. “Where are the college-girl-dorm-room-poster sentiments?”

Chris Matthews’ Leg rated the speech “barely ankle high” on the thrill meter.