Chris Matthews’ Leg Will “Take John Hagee’s Endorsement if McCain Doesn’t Want It”


Rev. John Hagee, Pastor of  a San Antonio megachurch and host of a nationwide television broadcast publically endorsed presidential candidate John McCain back on February 28th. But it was not clear how excited the candidate was about getting the minister’s blessing.

“Heck, I’ll take it.” Chris Matthews Leg was heard to remark. “No sense letting a perfectly good endorsement go to waste. Especially if the guy doesn’t really appreciate it.”

At this writing, Pastor Hagee’s level of interest in shifting his seal of approval to Chris Matthews’ Leg was unknown.

The Leg Flummoxed by “The French Correction”

Chris Matthews’ Leg is accustomed to responding positively to anything involving French actresses. But The Leg doesn’t quite know what to make of recent Oscar winner Marion Cotillard’s bizzaro-world conspiracy theories.

The blog “Blather. Wince. Repeat.” is on the case with a post titled, “It’s Springtime in Paris and the Idiots are Blooming.” 


She apparently believes 9/11 had something to do with urban renewal

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