This is What Olbermann Was in a Hurry For?

After two weeks of bungles, missteps, oopsies, doh!s and spectacular foul-ups by Team Obama, The Oracle is pretty sure these guys weren’t ready for prime time and needed every day of transitional preparation they could get and then some.

Which prompts this remembrance: Back in December, Keith Olbermann was the loudest among a gaggle of liberal media types calling for Bush to step aside early and allow Obama and friends take over the government early. Seriously.



  1. But we can all be relieved at the progress made in these troubled transitional times…

    Iowahawk reports in his latest writings “…the American public can take pride in the fact that almost 80% of the White House staff have full legal permission to pass within 300 feet of Chicago public playgrounds.”

    Wow! Almost 80%!

    And I’m sure that ‘dead hobo’ thing was just a typo.

  2. Added you to my links on my new site “The Sibyl Speaks”

    Hope you get lots of cross traffic, and thanks for being an inspiration

  3. Olbermann Alert!

    Tonight, (Feb. 20), Olbermann is planning on shooting his fool mouth off again while simultaneously getting tea-bagged by The One. The subject? The phony outrage righteous indignation we all should express about the NY POST cartoon.

    Does he ever give up?

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