Chris Matthews’ Leg Stunned, Excited to Learn They’re Now Selling Senate Seats

“What the heck!” the excitable appendage was heard to yell from a makeup chair at MSNBC studios this afternoon. The head had just been briefed about the arrest of Illinois Democratic governor Blagojovich for, among other things, attempting to auction off President Elect Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder.

“There are guys who will sell you a Senate seat? Why, in the name of Boss Tweed, are we putting an organization together in Pennsylvania?!” The Leg growled.

The makeup artist tactfully weighed in: “I think that’s just a Chicago thing, Mr. Matthews’ Leg.”

“And Louisiana!” an intern from Baton Rouge chimed in. “Or it used to be back when the state was run by Democrats. My Dad says that back in the day a guy could become Lt. Governor of the Sportsman’s Paradise for $250 and a case of Coors.”

The Leg wasn’t around to hear that last part. It had already run off to see what the going rate was on Senate seats in the Keystone state.

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  1. Too funny! Matthews (and his leg) are such a joke. Hopefully, he hasn’t a chance in PA. I don’t think anyone could be that stupid as to vote for him. I take that back, look where we are now!

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