Chris Matthews Appoints Self to Obama Team. Flustered Obama Team Responds, “Uhhh, No, We’re Good. Really. But Thanks.”

On this morning’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Chris Matthews told Joe Scarborough, “I want to do everything I can . . . to make this presidency work. My job . . . is to make this work successfully.” A clearly stunned Scarborough tried to remind Matthews that here in America, we sort of have a tradition of a free and independent press that some people are fond of.


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Yes, after spending eight years bloviating about how he and his courageous colleagues in the fourth estate were the people’s vangard against government lies and over-reaching, Chris Matthews has suddenly decided that his “job” is to help the president succeed.

Especially precious was Matthews’ somber lecture at the first of the clip about how serious journalists like him never speculate about people’s motives. That’s right. Motive-speculating has always been beneath Chris on Hardball–unless, of course, the person under discussion was Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, any Republican, any conservative or a person with a pulse. Then it was pretty all motive-speculating all the time.

Nevertheless, Chris and the Leg are totally stoked to be members of the Obama team. Self-appointed, unofficial, informal, ad hoc, virtual members, to be sure. But still members.

“We’re totally a part of the President-elect’s inner circle,” The Leg boasted. “We’re just the very far outer edges of the inner circle. And the circle is pretty big. Huge, actually.”


  1. I suppose the Leg has been invited to consider a cabinet position. The tingle surges onwards.

  2. He’s probably trying to get a ‘leg up’ on voter fraud for his upcoming Senate race in Pa;

    I can’t stand him……

  3. Having abandoned all pretense of ethics, impartiality and professionalism, the giddy leg-owner is now on a collision course with oblivion. Useful as a cheerleader during the campaign, now, Matthews is a blown-out and worked-over whore, snaggletoothed and sweaty, standing there with his hand out, waiting to get paid.

    It’s a payday that will never come.

    Sadly for him, he’s an embarrassment now, and the big players will ignore him, and laugh behind his back. He gave it away for free… now, it’s worthless.

    Remember Michael Moore? He got some play when some halfwits thought his bilious drivel might influence the election… but the big boys always knew that he was a piece of dung on their shoe and scraped him off as soon as they could.

    He lies in limbo, an object of scorn and derision. Clever 12-year-olds debunk his schlockumentaries for a giggle.

    So goeth Chris Matthews. Sluiced from the gutter, into the sewer.

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