The Oracle: “That’s Not an ‘Elephant in the Room.” It’s Just Jack Cafferty’s Enormous Capacity for Gas-Baggery.”

The Oracle — interpreter and translator for Chris Matthews’ Leg–has grown accustomed to hearing lefty blowhards spout nonsense analysis and bogus political theorums. After all, consistent proximity to Keith Olbermann provides a steady diet of passionate malarkey.

But  yesterday’s blog post by CNN’s Jack Cafferty was absurd enough to peg the needle on even The Oracle’s jaded Gas-o-meter.

In it, Cafferty claims to have discovered why the race for the presidency is currently so darned close. Echoing what seems to be the new official talking point — it’s Racism! Cafferty wrote:

Race is arguably the biggest issue in this election, and it’s one that nobody’s talking about.

The differences between Barack Obama and John McCain couldn’t be more well-defined. Obama wants to change Washington. McCain is a part of Washington and a part of the Bush legacy. Yet the polls remain close. Doesn’t make sense…unless it’s race.

Time magazine’s Michael Grunwald says race is the elephant in the room.

The Oracle is still working through the logic on this one:

“Let’s see. In 2000, in a race between a white liberal and white conservative, the nation was evenly split. In 2004, again a race between a white liberal and white conservative, the electorate was again divided 50-50. So now that the race is between a black liberal and a white conservative and the polls are once again showing a roughly tied race, the elephant-in-the-room explanation is racism? Really?”

The Oracle suspects that the real elephant in the room is the truth that desperation to swing this election is driving guys like Cafferty and Olbermann to become ridiculous parodies of their already ridiculous selves.

Update: Hot Air has moving pictures of the gas-baggery.


  1. Yeah, Jack Cafferty, you got us gun clinging, religious types in fly over country figured out, don’t you?

    Barry Obama isn’t doing well because he is a SOCIALIST with piss poor ideas that have been rejected by the American electorate for the last 40 years. Get a clue, you race baiting idiot!

    Heck, if Barry was white, he would have lost the primary to Hillary.

  2. I’m pretty sure his neme is Offerty… Jack Offerty.

    Anyway, what of the 18 million cracks in the, ah, ceiling, who voted for Hillary in the primaries, JackOff? Were they racists too? Yeah?

    Or is it racism just because it’s now Republicans versus Socialists?

    And why isn’t this a case of “anyone who doesn’t vote for the McCain/Palin ticket is only doing so because they’re filthy SEXISTS!”

    There can’t be any other reason, right?


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