Leg thinks “Obama sure to win back middle-aged moms now that Sarah Palin is being trashed by rich, trampy celebrity girls.”

The Leg is encouraged.

“Sure, the Obama-Biden ticket was already losing the support of suburban moms because of that crazy perception that he is elitist and out-of-touch,” The Leg admits. “Yes, those McCain ‘Celebrity/Paris Hilton’ ads really stung.”

“And, of course, McCain’s pick of a hockey mom with five kids–one of them a special-needs baby– made all of Michelle’s whining about how unfair and hard life is when you have to juggle two kids and a $1 million-a-year job a little, well . . . elitist and out of touch.

But now The Leg is confident things are going to turn around. Why? Because nothing is as sure to rally busy thirty and forty-something moms back to the Obama cause like hearing Sarah Palin trashed by Pamela Anderson, Lindsey Lohan, and Pink.

“Having all these pampered, badly-educated celebs joining the Palin pile on Is just the thing to get those rubes in flyover country back on the plantation,” The Leg enthused. “I’m all tingly about it.”

Chris Matthews’ Leg to Auction Off Virginity to Aid Obama Campaign

The Leg overheard a couple of Hardball interns talking about some seedy story they read on Drudge and got one of its scathingly brilliant ideas: “Why not sacrifice my virtue in the noble cause of the Obama campaign?”

Yes, since Chris Matthews’ Leg only became self aware a few months ago when it was stirred to tingly sentience by the harmonic good vibrations emanating from Obami Wan Kenobi’s larynx–The Leg is (technically) a virgin.  (In contrast to Chris Matthews’ head which daily demonstrates almost no self awareness whatsoever.)

The Leg expects a major bidding war and ultimately to make a huge contribution to some 527 group working to mock John McCain’s physical limitations or dig for dirt on Sarah Palin.