Chris Matthews’ Leg is Asleep. . .

apparently. The Oracle predicts renewed transmissions from the sensitive appendage in the near future, and thanks you for you patience.


  1. I wanted to stop by and let you know I after highly magnifying one of your photos I found definite proof Chris Matthews is hot for 0-bama. You can see the magnified version here:

  2. Okay Mr. Leg, get back to tingling.

  3. The Convention is almost here. Restless Leg Syndrome must be driving Matthews mad right about now.

  4. Apparently there has been an Amputation of the Leg & Olby (not the “assassination” as he feared by attending the RNC, but fragged by the MessNBC brass) clearly they are the WORST Persons of the Day!

  5. This is hilarious man! But almost sad at the same time! What are we going to do now that we don’t have them to make us laugh! I had featured them as the #1 rabid lemmings on my study of political lemmings:

  6. And so it came to pass that on the 10th Day After Sarah, the tingle became the shiver of the unemployed (sort of). As I understand it, both the leg and its fantasy sidekick have been relegated to non-live political coverage, ie they are no longer to be found every evening doing what they do. Which, fair to say, I have no clue about. Which is why the head guy at MSNBC dismissed that they had a bias today. I haven’t checked though to see he spaketh truth.

    It’s a pity that the Leg has been sleeping because since McCain pulled off the greatest headfake of all time with even breathless news that Pawlenty has cleared his Friday schedule coinciding wtih McCain’s VP announcement less than 12 hours after Obama had sermon at his styrofoam temple, (Iong sentence, I know but we all know this stuff and like to hear it again) his thunder has been stolen by Sarah Palin and he’s become increasingly squeaky and anxious for the acclaim of the limelight and the addoration of the masses as followed by the media. Nope, that hasn’t happened lately, the go-to events have been to SEE with one’s own eyes the first Republican woman candidate for Vice President. Meanwhile, Obama has been limping around with the bad Bob Barker of the Senate, Joe Biden. Talk about an odd couple. Barack stands between Biden and Michelle because no one would want her to tear Biden’s head off and spit down his throat. After all, it’d be on Youtube for days.

    So yeah, Chris Matthew’s Leg missed the great theatre, which is a shame because good comedy is so hard to come by these days and the material has been flying by fast and furiously. There’s still time though. US magazine has all about Michelle’s Campaign Style this week, and we could watch to see if Barack leaves on his coat and tie or not, of whether Biden will do soft shoe too. And Chris is still around but you gotta look hard behind the cabinets and counter tops. Maybe he’ll start being the voice over for hot rod races (“SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY”) though it’s hard to get excited by someone whose voice suggests “LIBERAL TWO CYLINDER WEEDWACKER RACES TODAY”.

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