Shock and Sadness

On behalf of Chris Matthews’ Leg, The Oracle would like to express his deepest sympathies and prayers for comfort to the family and friends of Tim Russert–whose professionalism and journalistic integrity has seemed particularly rare and valuable over the last year or so.

Gone too soon. Missed already.



  1. Judging from the excremental behavior Chrissy’s head displayed about the passing of Tim Russert, I’m sure the leg is exuding a yellow-green pus and vibrating slightly with envy at the admiration and unalloyedl plaudits Russert is receiving.

    After all, these are genuine feelings that neither Chris, nor the leg will ever know. Not now, not in death.


    There will just be a single flush, and he and the pedal extremity will be gone.

  2. Although I’ve said some fairly harsh things about him over the years, I must admit being stunned after hearing of his early demise……

    All of my prayers and condolences to his wife and family, and especially to “Big Russ” who is in the unenviable, as well as un-natural, position of outliving his adult child.

    Politics are an earthly affectation, and death transcends all petty human rivalries…….

    So, as others have noted, I’ll have a drink in his honor, and toast his memory….

    He was perhaps the only real journalist left at NBC…….

    God rest his soul, God bless his family….

    Rest In Peace Tim Russert

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