The Leg Profoundly Moved by Barack Obama’s History-Making Quest: To Become America’s First Utterly Unqualified President

As a student of history and long-time political junkie, Chris Matthews’ Leg is keenly aware of the historic implications of the Obama candidacy–and it has The Leg tingling from toe to hip joint.

Never has a person with so little experience running anything, or come to think of it, doing anything, come so close to running the most powerful nation on earth. And not since Jimmy Carter has naivete and hubris combined in such towering proportions in one person. “It’s truly exciting,” The Leg gushed.

“We’ve tried “experience” and what has it gotten us,” the sensitive appendage continued. “Nothing but victory in two world wars, victory in the Cold War, and Al Qaeda shattered and on the run all over the world.”

“I’m confident America is ready for a leader who doesn’t know what the crap he’s talking about, but says it in a truly beautiful and uplifting way. After all, we had the exact opposite for the last seven years. I’ve got that thrilling sense that we’re all witnesses to history.”



  1. […] It looks like Chris Matthews leg (the one that famously gets chills from Obama speeches) has started it’s own site…..and I’ve got to say….his leg can write…’s a little emotional…but overall, pretty good…..Below is an excerpt from the leg’s last posting: The Leg Profoundly Moved by Barack Obama’s History-Making Quest: To Become America’s First Utter… […]

  2. Toooooooooooooooo Freaking Funny! I love this blog!

    I MUST feature you and I MUST steal your cheerleading depictions!

  3. Dear U.W.,
    Please feel free to display our dear cheerleaders in conjunction with any link-love you may be sending our way.

    Warmest regards,

    The Oracle of The Leg

  4. Chris can jump..poor oberman..he cant get off the ground

  5. Dear CMleg, thank you stepping to the forefront to help the woefully under-qualified junior senator from the state of Illinois get elected. If anyone knows about profiting from not knowing what the crap he’s talking about, it’s you. Tingle on!

  6. I LOVE this site…especially the graphics. Those cheerleading outfits send tingles up my leg, hehehe 😉

  7. What’s The Leg feeling about the Jim Johnson situation? Any tingles?

    I know that Obama has already said, “That’s not the subprime lender I knew!”. And today, Obama lost his Johnson.

  8. Chris Matthew’s anus WANTED to start its own blog, but it’s too busy choking the hell out of Matthew’s head.

  9. OMG! ROFLMAO! I got here by way of Uppity Woman’s blog! This is great! MORE! MORE!

  10. I am not saying Chris is queer for Obama but I have my suspicions but you should look at this photo. It is a highly magnified version of the one you have in this article.

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