Tailings by Private Investigators, Tax Evasion, Grudges, Intrigue – The Leg Helpless to Stop MSNBC’s Slide Into Bad Falconcrest Episode

Exhibit A – Keith Olbermann may have a ongoing problem remembering to pay his taxes.

Exhibit B –  Chris Matthews may be carrying a grudge against Arianna Huffington for allegedly hiring a private detective to tail Tim Russert.

Exhibit C – Keith Olbermann may have audibly slammed his hand down on his desk, on-air, when David Gregory started eating into his camera time.

Chris Matthews’ Leg – a sensitive and romantic little fellow – has always seen itself as living in the hub of a busy, professional news organization . . . as a vital sensory organ in a world-class newsman in the tradition of Edward R. Murrow’s “gut” and  David Brinkley’s “nose” for a story.

Which makes it all the more painful for The Leg to confront the dawning realization that it is actually trapped in a bad Steven Seagal movie.

The Leg had hoped to discuss the spreading credibility crisis with that little soul-shaped vacuum where Keith Olbermann’s sense of decency used to be. But he learned that the Countdown host was busy watching some Corbin Benson infomercial offering relief from IRS tax liens and wage garnishments.


1 Comment

  1. “Leg Matthews” hmmmm. Kinda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

    One must never refer to Mr. Matthews by any other name than “Leg Matthews.”

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