Chris Matthews’ Leg, Head Divided Over McClellan Book

In a rare instance of disunity, the incessantly talking Head and thrill-sensing Leg of Chris Matthews have come down on different sides on the issue of former White House spokeshuman, Scott McClellan.

At issue is: Was Scott McClellan a weaselly, disingenuous shill back when he was working in the White House? Or is he a weaselly, disengenous shill now that he wants to sell books?

The Head has clearly come down in favor of the former theory. Whereas The Leg, like Democrat strategist Terry McAulliff, has a visceral distrust for ungrateful backstabbers and therefore assumes it’s the latter.

Both the Leg and the Head agree, however–it has to be one or the other.

The Oracle is with Bob Dole on this one.