Obama Team Ponders Shifting Campaign Theme from “Hope” to “Befuddlement”

On the heels of a painfully long series of gaffes, verbal fumbles, “mis-speaks,” and factually-challenged pronouncements, the Obama inner-circle is considering some modifications to the campaign’s themes and branding.

Top level campaign strategists are furiously working to adjust to the fact that Candidate Obama produces more gaffes in a typical week than Dan Quayle did during the entire Bush 41 presidency.

These include claiming to have visited 57 states (with “one more to go!”); shouting “Thank you, Sioux City” in Sioux Falls; placing Kentucky adjacent to Arkansas; and claiming that his parents met at a civil rights event that occured 4 years after his birth.

Thus, the nimble campaign is currently reviewing a number of possible moves, including scrapping the central themes of “Hope: and “Change.” Replacements currently being tested with focus groups include Befuddlement, Bewilderment and Chronic Disorientation.

Also, the slogan “Change you can believe in” could possibly become “Gaffes you may be bemused by.”

Also being tested are:

“I’d like to clarify my previous comments.”
“I can understand why some people were offended or confused by my earlier remarks.”

“I said that wrong.”

And Michelle Obama’s contribution:

“This conversation doesn’t help my children.”


1 Comment

  1. It’s a good thing he didn’t make any serious blunders, like mis-spelling potato………….

    In a related story, Chris Matthews leg is shocked, shocked, at the level of sexism iin this years campaign………

    What kind of country is this where a mans leg can’t have a good-old, honest to gaia, man-crush on a new messiah and get away with it…….

    And, why does that B**** Hillary think that she has been discriminated against anyway…..

    Didn’t she see the rule card that came with the identity politics deck?? The black race card trumps everything else!

    Obamessiah to the leag, and all his bro’s back in Chicago; Belly up to the trough boys (remember, bro’s befo ho’s)-a round of reparations for all; don’t worry it’s on the bitter, racist,USKKK of A, fly-over country, saps!

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