Ever Gracious and Fair Minded, Keith Olbermann Has Change of Heart on Scott McClellan’s Credibility. All Forgiven New BFF.

Sure, Keith Olbermann spent years vilifying Scott McClellan as a pathological liar, an unscrupulous shill, and as the “False Prophet” to George W. Bush’s “Beast of Revelation.” Yes, Olby repeatedly and unfailingly assured us that every McClellan utterance was a guarenteed fabrication.

But word that McClellan’s about-to-be-released memoir contains some cheap knees to the groinal areas of Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rice has triggered a rapid reconsideration in the former sportscaster’s wide stance on the man.

“He’s a walking tower of credibility,” Olbermann gushed today. “Integrity oozes from his pores. Waves of soothing veracity emanate from the virtue-saturated core of his being. He’s my BFF.”

To Olby’s annoyment, MIchelle Malkin is pointing out a little irony-clad hypocrisy in McClellan’s freshly-revealed-for-your-reading-pleasure concerns. But Olby can’t go typically ballistic over it. As a Time Magazine blog post recently pointed out, Hillary’s RFK assassination comment resulted in Olbermann blowing his “Last Remaining Gasket.”



  1. Scott McClellan finally pulled his head out of his butt and took a look around…


  2. Uh… McClellen is no longer on the WH payroll and can finally talk freely. Plus it seemed it took a little while for him to clear his head after being in that shithole.

  3. Those who question the motives for McClellen’s disclosures, or even his disloyalty for doing so, are missing the point. The question is whether he is telling the truth. At some point, a legal venue needs to explore these charges and see whether the former press secretary is a liar or a truthteller who deserves a medal for speaking up despite knowing of the criticism he would receive.

    Hopefully, someone or some entity will put McClellen under oath and see what transpires. Sooner than later.

  4. Another shining example of the steady minded, journalistic integrity, of a wannabee modern day Murrow.

    What a hypocrite! Just like o’l Scotty.

    I understand that the Leg is worried about Olby’s passion dury his and Scotty’s makeout session on countdown last week………….There may be a cat fight on next Monday’s installment of “Hardboiled”-the Leg’s daily soap opera.

    Everything that Bob Dole said was right when he flames that putz McClellen.

    In a related note, why isn’t the leg concerned about the betrayal of a sitting president, like the vast left wing media conspiracy was when Georgie S’s book hit the stands?

    Oh, that’s right, hypocrisy on demand is a pre-requisite to employment in the mainstream media………

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