Ever Gracious and Fair Minded, Keith Olbermann Has Change of Heart on Scott McClellan’s Credibility. All Forgiven New BFF.

Sure, Keith Olbermann spent years vilifying Scott McClellan as a pathological liar, an unscrupulous shill, and as the “False Prophet” to George W. Bush’s “Beast of Revelation.” Yes, Olby repeatedly and unfailingly assured us that every McClellan utterance was a guarenteed fabrication.

But word that McClellan’s about-to-be-released memoir contains some cheap knees to the groinal areas of Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rice has triggered a rapid reconsideration in the former sportscaster’s wide stance on the man.

“He’s a walking tower of credibility,” Olbermann gushed today. “Integrity oozes from his pores. Waves of soothing veracity emanate from the virtue-saturated core of his being. He’s my BFF.”

To Olby’s annoyment, MIchelle Malkin is pointing out a little irony-clad hypocrisy in McClellan’s freshly-revealed-for-your-reading-pleasure concerns. But Olby can’t go typically ballistic over it. As a Time Magazine blog post recently pointed out, Hillary’s RFK assassination comment resulted in Olbermann blowing his “Last Remaining Gasket.”