The Leg “Concerned” About Olbermann; Laments Countdown Host’s Heartbreaking Descent Into Madness

With a mixture of shock and sadness, Chris Matthews’ Leg watched colleague Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” Wednesday night as the last remaining threads connecting the former sportscaster to the world of reality snapped like rotted mooring lines.

In a 15-minute snarling, spittle-flecked primal-scream of a rant, Olbermann accused President Bush of personally inventing disease, birth defects, sorrow, death and the way decaying garbage smells solely for his perverse entertainment.

“Hey, I’m no fan of Bush. And I’m fully in the tank for Obama, too. So, I’m sympathetic.” The Leg confided later. “But sweet smoking Judas, that was just embarassing. And sad.”

This, apparently, is what living for the approval of the Daily Kos and HuffPo mobs will do to you. It’s takes ever more incendiary rhetoric and Bush-slander to get the rage-drunk commenters at those sites to post your praises. And when they are pretty much the only people in the world who praise you (or even watch your show), it leads to a powerful cycle of addiction.

Later, a weeping Tom Brokaw was seen in the Countdown studio sweeping up the shards of what had been the tiny remnant of MSNBC’s journalistic credibility.