Poultry-phobic Olbermann Relieved to Learn, “Chickens Coming Home to Roost” is Just a Metaphor.

The day didn’t start out great. First Olber R. Furrow had to endure what he loudly and pompously declared “the worst waffle in the world.” And finding out about that “chickens” saying was a little embarrassing.

But things turned around big time when he finally got around to reading Sunday’s New York Times op-ed page (or as he fondly calls it “checking in with HQ”) and he saw Frank Rich’s attempt to get some heat off of our man Obama by pointing at John McCain’s endorsement by San Antonio pastor John Hagee. Olby thought it made perfect sense.

“It’s the exact same situation, yet McCain gets a pass,” Olby fumed.

What about the fact that McCain’s never actually attended Hagee’s church or even heard one of his sermons, whereas Obama attended Wright’s church for 20 years?

“Hairsplitting,” Olby says.

And the fact that Obama repeatedly claimed Wright as a inspiration and spiritual adviser, while McCain barely even knows Hagee?


But what about the tens of thousands of dollars the Obama’s have donated to Wright’s church?

“A Red herring.”

“And what’s with all the questions, anyway! Look, Obama’s two decades joined at the hip with Wright are the exact same thing as McCain’s 15-minute brush-by of that Hagee fellow. And anyone who can’t see that is obviously the worst person in the world.”

“And you sir, are worse than Hitler.”