Leg Seeks Rev. Wright’s Analysis of Chris’s Clapping Style, Marching Moves

The Leg has Marching-Envy

Chris and The Leg have been re-listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speech to the NAACP in hopes of harvesting more of the sage philosopher’s pearls of wisdom and cutting-edge socio-scientific insights on topics like marching bands, baby mobiles, and the funny way white people talk and sing.

“It’s an intellectual, inspirational tour-de-force,” enthused The Leg. “Except for the parts Sen. Obama didn’t like,” it quickly added. “Those were terrible.”

Chris was especially impacted by the Reverend’s theme of “Different is not Deficient.” This has been a transformative revelation for Chris. Why, just last night he shared it with a police officer who had pulled him over for weaving across the center line and driving on the sidewalk.

“My driving is different, not deficient!” he declared as the handcuffs were attached. “Guy probably claps on 1 and 3,” he muttered as he slid into the back seat of the cruiser.

The Leg is now looking forward to riding in elevaators and driving on bridges designed by engineers who don’t feel bound by rigid, “European-American” modes of math and physics. “I want to fly in an airplane built by people who have rejected the imperialistic oppression of ‘right’ answers and the slavery of Western science!” The Leg has declared.

“And you know what, some black stand up comics should pick up on that “white folks do x, but black folks do y’ schtick. It’s hilarious. They could learn to mimic a nerdy white guy’s voice and then contrast it with some hard core urban vulgarity. That stuff would kill. Seriously. Someone should do that.”