The Leg and Olbermann Still Traumitized by ABC Debate

Though it’s been a full week since the sad and shocking events transpired in Philadelphia, Chris Matthews’ Leg remains in state of indignation mixed with bewilderment sprinkled on top with sparkly bits of white hot envy.

I’m referring to the so-called debate in which those vile inquisitors George Stephanopolous and Charlie Gibson abandoned all party-discipline and violated the unwritten MSM code of conduct by asking the Dem candidates questions that were actually on people’s minds. Hard questions! Embarrassing, relevant questions.


And what about our generation’s petulant answer to Edward R. Morrow? Keith Olbmermann seems to be suffering from some form of post-debate traumatic-stress disorder. He swings wildly between the spittle-flecked rage that is his default mode, and crying like a little girl. During both extremes he tends to mutter things about “George…how could you. . .?”

It is difficult to overstate how disorienting the ABC News-led debate was for Mr. Good Night & Good Luck.

For decades it’s been understood: Republicans get hard questions. Dems get softballs.

Now the natural order of things has been set on it’s head. And some people are having a very hard time dealing with it.