Chris Matthews’ Leg Confident Obama Meant Small-Town Americans Are “Bitter, Gun-Crazed, Religious-Nut, Bigot Xenophobes” in a Good Way

Senator Obama’s “Condescension Tour” got off to a rocky start in San Francisco late last week. But The Leg can’t figure out what the rubes in flyover country are all chafe-y and hacked about.

It seems small town Americans are prickly about having their feelings caricatured by hyper-ambitious, Harvard-educated, self-styled Messiahs for the entertainment and ego-massaging of Left Coast beautiful people. As crazy as that sounds.

In spite of this little bump in the road, Chris Matthews’ Leg is confident Obama is going to win it all by a landslide. Why, The Leg doesn’t know a single person in the best zip codes of New York, DC or Los Angeles who isn’t voting for him.