Chris Matthews’ Leg Recalls Visiting Pizza Place Under Sniper Fire

Chris Matthews’ Leg shared memories of some of his more thrilling adventures in journalism with a group of D.C. middle schoolers yesterday:

“I remember back in ’96 when me, James Carville, and the rest of Chris Matthews went to check out this new pizza place we’d heard about over by Dupont Circle. On the way over we heard a radio report of possible snipers in the trees around  Q Street. We jumped out of the car and kept our head’s down as we ran for our calzones. It was crazy.”

Afterwards, the students in Mrs. Sokolosky’s 5th grade Social Studies class appeared evenly divided on the question of whether Chris Matthews’ Leg was full of crap or genuinely delusional.

Update!:As it turns out, The Leg may have mis-remembered the incident. Carville says it wasn’t guerilla fighters. It was teenage boys. And they were on the sidewalks, not in the trees.

Oh, and they were hurling insults, not bullets.

Carville also compared Chris Matthews’ Leg to James-the-Son-of-Alpheus—the member of Jesus’ disciples that was a big emotional dork.