The Leg Wowed by Andrew Sullivan’s Flexibility

Chris Matthews’ Leg was talking to the lifeless shriveled husk of Keith Olbermann’s sense of shame the other day. They were both totally in awe of the way ex-conservative Andrew Sullivan can turn his histrionic self-righteousness on a dime.

“It’s freaking incredible,” The Leg enthused. “I mean, one day he’s in his regular mode of demonizing any Republican politician who happens to be on speaking terms with a Baptist preacher unwilling to dance in Provincetown’s Gay Days parade dressed as Marlene Dietrich. The next day he’s calling his favored presidential candidate’s 20-year connection to a racist, hate-spewing, anti-American preacher a sign of maturity and broadmindedness. That’s flexibility a contortionist would envy.” 

Olbermann’s pallid, emaciated sense of decency agreed. “It’s a thing of beauty, man. The complete immunity to irony; the utter absence of self-awareness; the endless self-congratulatory citations of those who agree with him. . . sure we have all that in common. But oh, those rationalizing pirouettes! He’s in a class by himself there.”

Chris Matthews’ Leg said, “Amen, brother.”