The Leg Breaks News to Olbermann: “‘Stimulus Package’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does”

A disappointed and red-faced Keith Olbermann was seen walking away from Chris Matthews’ Leg today. Later, The Leg said, “I drew the short straw in the office pool. We just couldn’t let the guy go on embarrassing himself that way. We want to see him continue to embarrass himself in other, more entertaining ways.”



  1. Will you please create a website, equally as hilarious, about Olbermann’s Clever Meter? His nostrils and mouth perform simultaneously as the indicator, in an inversely proportional relationship. Here’s how it works:

    The more clever he thinks his biting comment (usually saved for the “Bushed” segment) the more his nostrils flare and his mouth contracts.
    Sometimes, all you see is two big black holes with what looks like a paper cut below.

    Check it out…it’s gold, baby.
    Also, MSNBC: backoff on the Olby extreme closeup. Give that screen some air.

  2. I like it. I’ll look into it!

  3. I like it. I’ll look into it!

  4. Oh yeah…I forgot to mention the eyes are linked, in like proportion, to the aforementioned nostrils.

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