Gore as Mediator? The Leg Feels No Thrill


Today Chris Matthews’ Leg overheard The Head discussing a New York Post article which suggested only Al Gore has the stature and detachment to come to rescue of the Democratic Party:

If Al Gore can pull himself away from saving the planet long enough, he might want to consider rescuing the Democratic Party from the clutches of utter self-destruction. . . That leaves Al Gore as the only person with the experience to answer the red phone and force a peaceful end to this civil war.

The Leg’s immediate reaction?

“Right. The guy who refused to admit defeat for the good of COUNTRY is going to convince a Clinton to admit defeat for the good of a PARTY. Ummm, what’s your Plan B?”


The Leg Breaks News to Olbermann: “‘Stimulus Package’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does”

A disappointed and red-faced Keith Olbermann was seen walking away from Chris Matthews’ Leg today. Later, The Leg said, “I drew the short straw in the office pool. We just couldn’t let the guy go on embarrassing himself that way. We want to see him continue to embarrass himself in other, more entertaining ways.”