Leg Declares Shuster “Way Over-Groomed”


“Look, I’m all for hygiene and attention to appearance,” Chris Matthews’ Leg was heard muttering today. “But, Sweet Paul Mitchell’s Back Wax. . . what’s the deal with Shuster?”

“Have you seen the guy’s skin?” The Leg continued, ramping up the volume and the general level of worked-uppedness, “He’s like one of those dolls they sell on QVC. Aren’t dudes supposed to have, like, pores and stuff? Not a hair out of place. Not a wrinkle in the suit. How much time do you have to spend. . .?  No wonder he says stupid stuff  like “pimping out” on the air.

“Then The Leg muttered something partially inaudible but the Oracle thought he heard the words “primping out.”

Calming down, The Leg said it much preferred Chris’s kind-of-rumpled, mussed, slightly hung-over frat boy thing he usually has going.


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